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Creme de Cassis


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Creme de Cassis dahlia tubers for sale.

Waterlily form

Black currant undersides with creamy black currant facing petals.

Bloom size:  4.5″

Plant height:  2.5 – 3′

Notes:  Visual showstoppers, these dahlias have an inherent elegance in their two-toned presentation of a very flat expanse of winey-grey facing petals, and dark wine colored reverse.  Cut when the first couple of rows of petals are opening, and the dark reverse color pools in the flower center for its best appearance.  You must take care handling these beauties, as any creased petals glare.  Cut out leader buds to encourage lateral branching.  Also, I recommend disbudding in order to encourage maximum beauty of the currant of your eye.

Tubers will be shipped in April after threat of freezing in transit.

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Weight 4 oz